Saturday, December 1, 2007

Mojo fighting cabin feaver - too much energy

So Wallace and I aren't getting along so well right now. There has been SO MUCH going on that everything is a little crazy right now. I also think that he thinks he should be in charge. But I was here first, I'm King. Aren't I?

Well, this all isn't making mom & dad too happy with us. So we have been separated for a few days. Which really sucks because I love my broth and want to run and play with him.

This also means we are spending more time in the house not running and playing - so we both have a lot of extra energy to burn! Mom & dad are planning on taking us for lots of long walks, but it has been raining a LOT and we couldn't go. But this morning it stopped and dad took me out to toss a stick - he's funny and calls it a toothpick because Wallace and I like to lay and chew on it.

Well, I was running circles around dad trying to burn off some energy and he started tossing the stick and he must have thought I was really, really cute because he took the video below of me. I'm a star! Aren't I cute??