Friday, October 10, 2008

Into the Bar

Wallace here. That was different and fun. Mom & Dad were walking us this evening and we went by this bar. The two bouncers out front were very excited to see us. One wanted to take us in to scare the girls inside by saying that we were wolves.

Well, mom went in with ME and the bouncer. It sure was loud in there - all sorts of loud music playing. That bouncer guy was right - those girls were scared to see such a big furry kid in the bar!! They all screamed and got me really excited.

Mojo was outside wondering what was going on. He kept trying to look into the bar to be sure I was OK. He seemed really worried about me.

When I came out we were both so excited that we jumped up in the air at each other!

This jumping up stuff seemed pretty fun -- so when we met some more people soon after the bar I decided I should jump up again! Well, dad wasn't too happy about that......

but it was fun...!   =)