Saturday, July 21, 2007


Forgot to tell you - Wallace and I went to the bath house yesterday and got all cleaned up. They gave me a nice cut to keep me cool. Mom wasn't too happy when she saw that they forgot to give Wally the same treatment. She says we are going back and they are going to fix it. Go mom!

So we both smell nice and fresh! Wonder how long that will last... hee hee.

Just another day on the Ranch

Nice quiet Saturday. Mom and Dad let us lay around the house most of the day just takin' it easy.
But then it was time to go out after it cooled down - gave me and Wallace some time to play, and eat pears off the tree. I think Wallace got a tomato from Dad - but he wouldn't tell me for sure.

I showed him though. After he wandered off to play with Loozie or something - I got to play tug-rope with Dad. That's the best!

Friday, July 6, 2007

New blog space

Well, I got all my "old" blog postings moved over here to Blogger now. Dad says this is an easier tool for me to use with my big fat paws - so hopefully I will be getting more posts up and more photos too!

I'll skip the photo of the excitment today. Mom & Dad were in the garden putting some new plants in the ground when Loozie came over to see what was going on. And then suddenly she was looking at a 3+ foot rattlesnake! Why she totally forgot her training and just stood there looking at it we aren't sure. Just last week she was freaking out over a gopher snake that was on the porch - guess that was all she had in her.

Luckily it was making some noise and Dad was ready with the tongs - he got Loozie out of the way and took care of business. I guess I can't blame Loozie - I think Wallace and I pretty much forgot all of our training too...bummer!

OK. Time to go grab the cool floor in the bathroom for the night.

Till next time...

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Yes - I am still here…

March 28th, 2007

Hi folks – yes, I am still around. Mom and Dad have been keeping really busy and they do take us with them sometimes too! But nothing too exciting, so I haven’t felt the need to be posting it here. But it had been so long I thought that I had better make some sort of posting!

Looks like the rainy reason is over, so no more worries about tromping in wet, muddy feet and getting on the bed. Guess we will have to start torturing the cats more! Have to keep mom and dad on their toes somehow!

Wallace and I each got a bath a few weeks ago – now we are ready to start up with Rally class again! What fun! It has worked out well that mom was able to talk dad into trying out Rally – I think he might actually like it! Of course, what’s not to like when working with ME! I sure make dad look good out there.

They must think Loozie knows all she can handle – they never take HER to training! What’s up with that? But…now that I think about it, that’s a good thing – more time for ME to be at the field meeting other dogs and having fun!!!

That’s about it for now. I do remember hearing the humans talk about chickens – but I haven’t seen any yet. Well, I don’t think I have – what does a chicken look like???

Is this bed big enough??

January 27th, 2007

I don’t know what Dad’s problem is. I think there is plenty of room on this bed! I mean, if he didn’t want us up here, why did he build us stairs and teach us to us them???

It’s the Holidays - 2006

January 2nd, 2007

Well it has been sometime since I have been able to get on the computer. Mom and Dad have been really busy and have been taking me and Wallace and Loozie with them a lot of places so it has been hard to sit down at the keyboard.

We got to go to grandma and grandpa’s house a number of times – which is always fun. We even got to take a lot of walks! It was different this time – everyone seemed to have a lot of colorful lights hanging all over their houses and plants and things. We all liked it, but we don’t really get what was going on.

But then mom and dad explained to us about something called Christmas and a family dinner – mom said that is why we had to go and get a bath again. But after the bath Wallace and I each got a sock thing filled with treats – dad called it a stocking. We both thought that they smelled great. Hey, now that I think about it we never did get any of those treats!!

Then a few days latter Wallace got a new football to play with! This Christmas thing is pretty cool.

Here’s a shot of us shopping on Dec 25th…

Yum - Turkey!

November 25th, 2006

After chasing the wild turkeys around the yard the last few weeks, we finally got to eat a little at
Grandma & Grandpa’s yesterday. All kinds of people were over so they left us in the back - that’s not too much fun. But we did get to look at them through the window, and FINALLY got let in later!
Grandpa was still in the food room — I think they call it the kitchen. All I know is that is where Grandpa “drops” food and we eat it!
Mom actually got some of the good turkey and gave it to us - that was good stuff. Them we got to go for a long walk around the neighborhood! The old girl Loozie even kept up with us the whole time. And my trouble-making brother lunged at some bicycles going by — mom wasn’t too happy about that! When will he learn??
Back home again today and everything is back to normal.
I hear mom and dad talking about a parade coming up - I wonder just what a parade is……..

Check out this yummy looking bird wandering around MY yard!

These two are actually fighting through the fence - I would have ‘helped’ but I couldn’t get to them!

Saturday Training - What’s This All About???

November 19th, 2006

Well, it started off like a normal Saturday - Mom & Dad trying to sleep in! Ha! Well, we let them just a little bit, but then we got them up. And next thing you know I’m at the training field…but, it’s Saturday!??!??

Oh ya - I’m in Beginner 3 and we have a special 2-hour Saturday session so we can have the whole field to ourselves to run around off leash! We don’t bother correcting the humans when they talk about training us to “come” when off leash! We know better - it’s just play time!!!

My buddy Hurley was there too! After running around in the hot sun frustrating our dads we kicked back in the shade under a tree for a bit. Hurley is a lot of fun.

Somehow we all survived the extra long class. =)

See you all again soon……

A Change in the Training pattern

November 9th, 2006

Well, tonight Mom & Dad switched classes on us. Mom is now taking Wallace through Advanced Rally, and Dad gets me in Beginner 3. But guess what? That’s cool with me. I have a lot more fun in the Beginner 3 class - and Hurley is in there too, what could be better than that!?!?

Once Dad gave up trying to keep my in jail - I think they call it a crate (I call it hell) things weren’t too bad. But I sure didn’t like being left sitting there where I couldn’t get to Dad while he was teaching that other class with those other dogs! What was he thinking?!

I guess I can forgive him, he is really nice to me (except for that jail time).

Till next time……..

The Mobile Zoo — Out for Dinner!

November 5th, 2006

What fun! Mom & Dad took me, my brother and sister all up to see 4 other dogs tonight (and their humans). The 7 of us had a great time running around in the avocado trees, chasing Banjo and Hurley around, and helping the humans to BBQ and smoke some great smelling meat. Too bad they didn’t let us eat some of that. But it was OK really, because there were all these great bones to chew on - outside and in the house too! Mom and Dad don’t get bones for us……but they just might now that they have seen just how much we loved them!
I sure hope we get to go up there more and more. Mom and Dad sure seemed to have a good time too, so I think it might happen again. Each time we go we have more and more fun. I think the humans do too.
This was much more fun than the training field!

"Old" Photos

November 1st, 2006

Since this site is pretty new, I thought I’d go back and put up some “old” photos of me and the other kids.
—-Meet Sasha - she was a Rescue foster dog that mom & dad brought home for 3 months. She was fun!

—Wallace and I love going in rides in the truck! Why do people say we look alike? I don’t get it!

—I had a ton of fun at the Birthday Party Mom & Dad had for me and Wallace. Here’s a shot of me and Dad watching Loozie wandering around.

—I loved laying around with Phoebe!

—Yup - that’s me, the handsome Birthday Boy!

—And yes, that is what I look like after “helping” Dad with the watering.

—From left that’s Loozie, Phoebe, me and Wallace.

—And here we are just before Wallace came home.

—This is the first day Mom & Dad went to meet Wallace.

—This bathroom kept getting smaller and smaller. Why is that??

—Kicking back at the Vet’s office.

—Must get in the bathroom - even if I have to climb up on Phoebe!

—Some people didn’t think I would ever grow into my tail - but I did!!

—That’s Mom the “cat burgler” and me as “Deputy Dog”!

—There’s my buddy Poseidon and his mom!

—I just pushed myself onto Phoebe - she soon learned to love me.

—Oh, Chocolate Mousse, what a cute girlfriend you were in Puppy Class!

—Why yes, I was the cutest dog in Puppy Class!

—Man, this bathroom is huge!!!

—It took Phoebe a few weeks to get used to me - but soon she couldn’t resist my cuteness!

—Loozie wasn’t too sure about me for a few weeks - kept her distance.

—This house is pretty cool!

—Look at this huge red truck they got jsut for me!

—My first trip to the Vet - and yes, I did have fun!

—Here I am just minutes after Mom & Dad picked me up to take home!