Monday, April 14, 2008

April 14, 2008 - 8:05 PM

What's this date and time you ask? This is when we came upon our first rattlesnake of the year.

Folks look at dad funny when he is walking me and Mojo around the neighborhood after dark - carrying a flashlight in one hand, and our leash and a pair of snake tongs in the other hand. But there is a reason for this - dad knows.

He knows that when it gets hot like it has been the last few days, and when summer is almost here - he knows that is prime snake season. Add to that mom having a "bad feeling" about snakes today, and sure enough...

Dad got through walking Mojo, then took me on a walk. We were back in the fenced area around the house and dad let me off the leash. One minute later, and about 40 feet from the house, I walked by it - luckily dad was right behind me with the flashlight and the tongs. He yelled for me to "leave it!" - which I certainly did! As soon as I heard that noise I have learned about in rattlesnake avoidance training I was off for the house.

Luckily dad also carries his cell phone on walks, he was able to call mom who came out and brought him the shovel. That took care of that.

Over 3 feet long - thick sucker. 8 buttons on the rattle.

It might be a long careful out there fur-buddies!


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